Seminar of Department of Astronomy

Seminar of Department of Astronomy is held every second Tuesday during the semester (occasionally more frequently) in classroom 809 starting at 6 PM. Seminar coordinator is Bojan Arbutina (initiator and coordinator until 2016 was Dejan Urošević and from January 2016 to June 2019 Dragana Ilić).


28 May 2024
Bojan Novaković
Project ENIGMA: a closer look at the asteroids in Earth's neighborhood
14 May 2024
Marija Janković
Exo-Kuiper belts: planetesimals, dust and gas
16 April 2024
Aurellio Deandra
Sonification in astronomy
2 April 2024
Andrej Mesinger
Inferring the timing and morphology of cosmic reionization through forward models
19 March 2024
Aleksandar Valjarević
Geographic information systems and remote sensing methods applied in the analysis of trajectories and properties of dunes on Mars
5 March 2024
Anatoly Spitkovsky
Pulsar magnetosphere: the incredible machine
26 December 2023
Marko Simonović
Studying history of the Universe through galaxy clustering
12 December 2023
Tea Temim
What supernova remnants reveal about stellar explosions
28 November 2023
Bojan Arbutina
W UMa-type contact close binary systems and their stability
14 November 2023
Dejan Urošević
Antikythera mechanism - an ancient astonomical device
31 October 2023
Vibor Jelić
Exploring the interstellar medium and magnetic fields of the Milky Way at low-radio frequencies
13 June 2023
Katarina Miljković
Structure and evolution of Mars via impact craters and the latest discoveries on the NASA InSight mission
23 May 2023
Martin Leitzinger
Stellar coronal mass ejections
9 May 2023
Miljana Jovanović
Brightness variability of 12 blasars from 2013 to 2019
25 April 2023
Aleksandra Ćiprijanović
Domain shift problems in astrophysics: bridging the gap between simulations and real data with artificial intelligence
11 April 2023
Marco Fenucci
Proper elements of near-Earth asteroids: theory, applications, and new results
28 March 2023
Anastasiya Yarovova
Interaction between massive stars and ISM in metal-poor galaxies
14 March 2023
Marko Ristić
Computationally inexpensive kilonova models and parameter inference of AT2017gfo
28 February 2023
Anđelka Kovačević
Combining two extreme imaging frontiers in the quest for supermassive binary black holes
27 December 2022
Đorđe Savić
Selecting quasars by machine learning in the future LSST project as an example
13 December 2022
Jelena Minić, Lea Barbelj, Darko Brunet, Aleksa Jovanović
Student summer internship 2022
29 November 2022
Slobodan Ninković
On the ratio of velocity dispersions at the galactocentric position of the Sun
22 November 2022
Slobodan Ninković
On nearly circular orbits
15 November 2022
Kristina Racković-Babić
In situ detection of cosmic dust by radio instruments on spacecrafts
25 October 2022
Stanislav Milošević
Influence of galaxy mergers on their dynamics and evolution
24 May 2022
Ana Mitrašinović
Galaxy flybys and some of their consequences
10 May 2022
Bojan Novaković
Modelling asteroid evolution: theory vs observations
26 April 2022
Ivan Milić
Solar physics through the objectiv of DKIST telescope
12 April 2022
Milan Gošić
Magnetic field evolution at the quiet Sun
29 March 2022
Milica Vučetić
Unfolding the Universe with James Webb space telescope
15 March 2022
Dragana Ilić
Investigation of active galaxies in preparation for the Vera C. Rubin observatory's LSST project
1 March 2022
Nikola Andrić Mitrović, Natalija Mladenović, Ivan Petraš
Student summer internship 2021
21 December 2021
Nemanja Martinović
NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS) - the current state and plans for the future
7 December 2021
Ana Trčka
Dasty Universe in cosmological simulations
23 November 2021
Zoran Simić
Spectral line broadening in the atmospheres of chemically peculiar stars and white dwarfs
9 November 2021
Andrej Mesinger
Forward-modeling the first billion years of our Universe
26 October 2021
Jelena Kovačević Dojčinović
Gas outflow in type 2 active galactic nuclei: what do spectral lines reveal?
12 October 2021
Miroslava Vukčević
Flat rotational curves of spiral galaxies explained by nonlinear density waves - do we need dark matter on small scales?
25 May 2021
Samir Salim
Cosmic dust in galaxies
11 May 2021
Dejan Urošević
Determining the evolutionary status of supernova remnants
27 April 2021
Ivana Damjanov
Galaxies in the middle-aged universe
13 April 2021
Mirjana Pović
Green valley galaxies and the role of AGN in galaxy evolution
30 March 2021
Brankica Kubátová
The most striking challenges in the theory of the winds from hot massive stars
16 March 2021
Maja Vučković
All you ever wanted to know about hot subdwarf stars
2 March 2021
Laurindo Sobrinho
Stellar mass primordial black holes
29 December 2020
Jasmina Horvat, Damnjan Milić, Petar Jovanović, Ana Vudragović and Milan Stojanović
Student summer internship at AOB in 2020
15 December 2020
Zorica Cvetković
Angelov's method for determination of dynamical parallax and masses of components in visual binary stars
1 December 2020
Ištvan Vince and Olga Atanacković
Prof. Mirjana Vukićević-Karabin (1933-2020): Belgrade school of astrophysics and investigations in Solar physics and Earth's ionosphere
17 November 2020
Zlatko Ćatović and Bojan Arbutina
Rosen bimetric theory of gravitation and contribution of Prof. Ilija Lukačević (1935-2020)
3 November 2020
Vladimir Đošović
The role of planetesimals in water transport throughout the TRAPPIST-1 system
10 March 2020
Milena Jovanović
Dynamical modeling of nearby galaxies
25 February 2020
Dragana Ilić
The brightness variability of active galactic nuclei and the nature of their activity
24 December 2019
Marko Simonović
The Hubble constant and tension over local and cosmological measurements
10 December 2019
Dejan Urošević
Supernovae through history
26 November 2019
Nataša Bon
High accretion rate quasars
12 November 2019
Ana Vudragović
The interesting case of NGC 4473 galaxy
29 October 2019
Dušan Marčeta
To the Moon and back - 50 years later
15 October 2019
Milan Stojanović
Eclipse and revolution: 100 years since the Eddington's confirmation of General Relativity
21 May 2019
Nikola Veselinović
Solar influence on the Galactic cosmic rays
7 May 2019
Monika Jurković
An exciting world of pulsating variables and what is there to investigate in this field?
23 April 2019
Luka Popović
How to see a supermassive black hole?
9 April 2019
Vladimir Zeković
Shock waves in cosmic plasma: the physics of (re)formation and particle acceleration mechanisms
26 March 2019
Goran Ðanković
Arithmetic quantum chaos and spectra in quantum mechanics, random matrix theory and number theory
12 March 2019
Jelena Petrović
Evolution of binary stellar systems
19 February 2019
Dušan Marčeta
Interstellar asteroids and comets
5 February 2019
Jovan Skuljan
Southern sky satellites - observation of Earth's artificial satellites from New Zealand
25 December 2018
Miško M. Milanović
The use of Normalized Difference Vegetation Index (NDVI) in analysis of vegetation
11 December 2018
Ivan Milić
Interpretation of spectropolarimetric observations of Solar atmosphere
27 November 2018
Oleg Egorov
Feedback-driven superbubbles and triggering of star formation in nearby dwarf galaxies
13 November 2018
Ana Černok
Geology of other worlds - testing meteorites and rocks from the Moon
30 October 2018
Đorđe Savić
Determination of masses of black holes in the active galactic nuclei by using polarization of broad emission lines
16 October 2018
Darko Donevski
Hidden behind the dust: The most massive galaxies in the early Universe
2 October 2018
Miroslav Filipović
Sofia flies - right?
22 May 2018
Anđelka Kovačević
How to revail periodicity from optical observations of active galactic nuclei?
8 May 2018
Zoran Živković
First contact and time travel: selected essays and short stories
3 April 2018
Milan Ćirković
A brief history of Stephen Hawking (1942-2018)
20 March 2018
Viktor Radović
An asteroid families analysis portal
6 March 2018
Dejan Urošević
On the physical foundation of equipartition in supernova remnants
13 February 2018
Ilija Anastasijević, Luka Jevtović, Matija Dodović, Sava Jevtić, Jelena Špegar, Luka Bulaja, Danilo Ristić, Nikola Savić, Božidar Obradović, Filip Herček
Project presentations of participants in the Petnica astronomy seminar
30 January 2018
Marko Pavlović
Radio evolution of supernova remnants and non-linear diffusive shock accelaration
12 December 2017
Bojan Arbutina
Gravitational-wave astronomy
28 November 2017
Marko Stalevski
Monte Carlo dust radiative transfer modelling
14 November 2017
Daniel Asmus
What the European Southern Observatory has to offer and how you can use it
24 October 2017
Lucio Crivellari
Alternative representations of the radiant energy transport
10 October 2017
Miroslav Filipović
SN1054, the Curch and the secret of emperor Constantine IX's coin
23 May 2017
Zoran Knežević
YORP structures in asteroid families
9 May 2017
Milan Stojanović
A new view on kinematics of the thin disk stars in the Solar neighborhood
18 April 2017
Luka Popović
Spectropolarisation - a new view into the center of active galaxies
4 April 2017
Petar Kostić
Interstellar medium structure and the radio Sigma-D relation of supernova remnants
14 and 21 March 2017
Ilija Lukačević
Weak gravitational field
28 February 2017
Miljan Knežević
Planar extremal problems
27 December 2016
Matija Ćuk
Moon's orbit tidal evolution
13 December 2016
Ivana Milić Žitnik
Influence of mean-motion resonances on asteroid motion due to the Yarkovsky effect
29 November 2016
Nataša Todorović
High-speed railway of the Solar system
15 November 2016
Borislav Gajić
Euler's rigid body dynamics and Dzhanibekov effect
25 October 2016
Monika Jurković
Pulsating stars in Kepler-K2 mission
11 October 2016
Oliver Vince
New era for observational astronomy in Serbia: Astronomical Station Vidojevica
14 June 2016
Miroslav Filipović
Supernova remnants in the Magellanic Clouds - are there any surprises?
24 May 2016
Edi Bon
Periodicity in light and radial velocity curves of active galaxies
10 May 2016
Georgios Tsirvoulis
The size-frequency distribution of primordial asteroids
19 April 2016
Nemanja Martinović
Dynamical differences of galaxy clusters from numerical simulations
5 April 2016
Maja Burić
Gravitational waves - 60 years from the idea of measurement to direct detection
22 March 2016
Predrag Jovanović
Modified gravity versus dark matter
8 March 2016
Tijana Prodanović
Cosmic rays as indicators of new physics and galaxy interactions
22 December 2015
Ivan Milić
(Spectro)polarimetry of Sun and stars
8 December 2015
Ivan Dimitrijević
Non-local modification of Einstein's theory of gravity
24 November 2015
Dušan Onić
New insights on radio-continuum of Galactic supernova remnants from Planck space telescope data
10 November 2015
Salvatore Capozziello
Constraining extended gravity by Gravity Probe B and LARES
3 November 2015
Milan Maksimović
The Radio and Plasma Waves (RPW) instrument on the Solar Orbiter mission: an overview
20 October 2015
Majda Smole
Gravitational recoil of black holes in dark matter halo potential
30 June 2015
Andrej Mesinger
What can we learn from cosmic reionization?
9 June 2015
Stefano Maro
Some aspects of modern orbit determination for asteroids
2 June 2015
Zarija Lukić
Studying the evolution of the Universe with quasar spectra
19 May 2015
Christian Obermeier
Pan-Planets: Searching for hot Jupiters around cool stars
5 May 2015
Vladimir Zeković
Waves in pulsar magnetospheres
28 April 2015
Zoran Knežević
Dynamical evolution of planetary systems II: Planetesimal disk era and formation of terrestrial planets
14 April 2015
Zoran Knežević
Dynamical evolution of planetary systems I: The formation of giants planets and gaseous disk era
31 March 2015
Katarina Miljković
Post-GRAIL view of the Moon and lunar impact craters
24 March 2015
Milan Ćirković
Dark energy and danger of nuclear war
10 March 2015
Branislav Vukotić
Galactic habitability models
16 December 2014
Monika Jurković
On type II cepheides
2 December 2014
Mihailo Martinović and Sonja Vidojević
Investigations of Solar wind at Paris Observatory: an overview and perspectives for collaboration
18 November 2014
Olivera Latković
Double periodic variables: a new class of close binary systems
28 October 2014
Borislav Gajić
Brachistochrone or curve of fastest descent
14 October 2014
Editorial board
Serbian Astronomical Journal in Science Citation Index and Journal Citation Report
30 September 2014
Sonia Giovanna Temporin
Small galaxy groups and their role in galaxy evolution
8 July 2014
Petar Glišović
Linking mantle convection with variations in orbital parameters over geological time scales
3 Jun 2014
Frank van den Bosch
On the assembly of galaxies in dark matter haloes
27 May 2014
Nadežda Pejović
Digital legacy "Milutin Milanković"
13 May 2014
Dejan Urošević
Radio spectra of supernova remnants
15 and 29 April 2014
Snežana Stanimirović
From diffuse interstellar gas to star formation: key unsolved problems
1 April 2014
Atila Čeki
Modeling of close binary systems
18 March 2014
Milica Vučetić
Optical detection of supernova remnants and their influence on star formation rate
4 March 2014
Martin Groenewegen
The Herschel MESS program: an overview
3 December 2013
Quentin Parker
The new Macquarie PN database: a multi-wavelength window into the soul of late-stage stellar evolution
19 November 2013
Aleksandra Dobardžić
Diffuse gamma-ray emission from large scale structures
5 November 2013
Milan Dimitrijević
Stark broadening in astrophysics
22 October 2013
Miroslava Vukčević
Acceleration and anisotropy of ultra high energy cosmic rays in isotropic turbulent plasma
8 October 2013
Luke Bozzetto
Multi-frequency study of supernova remnants in the Large Magellanic Cloud
25 Jun 2013
Ivan Bojičić
Radio continuum study of (MASH) planetary nebulae
21 May 2013
Dušan Onić and Bojan Arbutina
X-ray emission from supernova remnants
7 May 2013
Milan Dimitrijević
Astroinformatics and virtual observatories
16 April 2013
Monika Jurković
Comparative study of pulsating variables of BL Her-type by using photometric data bases
2 April 2013
Ivan Milić, Irena Pirković and Olga Atanacković
Radiative transfer in modern astrophysics
19 March 2013
Žarko Mijajlović
Differential photometry in light curve analysis
12 March 2013
Giovanni La Mura
A multiple wavelength perspective on active galaxies
5 March 2013
Kristina Veljković
Some aspects of data samples modeling and Monte Carlo method
25 December 2012
Editorial board and authors
The promotion of new issue of the Serbian Astronomical Journal (185)
11 December 2012
Tijana Prodanović
Galactic fly-bys as a new source of cosmic rays and lithium production
27 November 2012
Miroslav Mićić
Projects in numerical astrophysics at AOB
13 November 2012
Dušan Onić
Thermal radiation from supernova remnants in radio domain
30 October 2012
Martin Gaskell
What happens around supermassive black holes
16 October 2012
Ivan Milić
Polarization by scattering as a method for Solar magnetic fields diagnostics
11 September 2012
Giuseppe Bono
Science drivers for E-ELT
10 July 2012
Petar Glišović
Numerical modeling of thermal convection in terrestrial mantel
29 May 2012
Bojan Arbutina
Modified equipartition calculation for supernova remnants
14-16 May 2012
Daniela Kirilova
Topics in cosmology (series of lectures)
8 May 2012
Branislav Vukotić
Counting or fitting: example on a sample of planetary nebulae
24 April 2012
Predrag Jovanović
Effects of gravitation on cosmological scale
3 April 2012
Vladimir Zeković
Modulation of drift structures of microwave wavelet spectrum during the Solar flares
20 March 2012
Edi Bon
Methods for analysis of flux and line-shape variability in active galaxies
6 March 2012
Jovan Aleksić
Technologies in the work of virtual observatories
20 December 2011
Slaviša Milisavljević
Combined method for calculating the proximities of asteroids
6 December 2011
Giuseppe Bono
Classical Cepheids as distance indicators, stellar tracers and stellar physics laboratories
15 and 22 November 2011
Miroslav Mićić
First stars, first supernovae, first black holes
1 November 2011
Dejan Urošević
On the cosmic rays acceleration
18 October 2011
Ümit Deniz Göker
The importance of shock waves for the Solar corona and their effects in the current sheet
24 May 2011
Nigel J. Mason
Astrochemistry - The cradle of life
17 May 2011
Dušan Marčeta
Problems of space probes entries in the planetary atmospheres
12 April 2011
Aleksandar Lipkovski
Foundations of General relativity: Einstein or Hilbert?
29 March 2011
Nemanja Martinović
Fermi bubbles: the new look of the Milky Way
15 March 2011
Dragana Ilić
Study of the long term spectro-photometric changes in the active galactic nuclei
22 February 2011
Irena Pirković i Sanja Jonić
Analysis of the nature of Be star HR7409 (7 Vul)
21 December 2010
Željko Ivezić
Astrophysical priorities in the USA for the next decade
30 November 2010
Milan Bogosavljević
Discovery of diffuse Lyman-alpha emission around galaxies at redshift z=2.7
16 November 2010
Milan Božić
The Hubble constant - overview of the current status
2 November 2010
Vladimir Čadež
The Jeans criterion - myth that lasts
29 June 2010
Nicole Vilmer
Sun and heliosphere
22 June 2010
Sonja Vidojević
Difficulties and possibilities of testing by using nonparametric tests: the system of Pearson's distributions
8 June 2010
Samir Salim
Star formation in galaxies at medium redshift
18 May 2010
Zoran Knežević
Astronomy in Serbian Academy of Arts and Sciencies
4 May 2010
Olgica Kuzmanovska-Barandovska
Radiation transfer in stellar atmospheres and Iteration factors method
20 April 2010
Milan Ćirković
Anthropic shadow: Observation selection effects and risks analysis
6 April 2010
Oliver Vince
Dust in galaxies and its influence on spectro-photometric measurements
23 March 2010
Dušan Marčeta
Satellite orbits, orbital transfers and the atmospheric influence on orbital motion
2 March 2010
Tijana Prodanović
Problem of Galactic deuterium
23 February 2010
Branislav Vukotić
Probabilistic cellular automata for the Galactic Habitable Zone in two dimensions
15 December 2009
Maša Lakićević
S-t relation for Cas A supernova remnant
1 December 2009
Edi Bon
Detection of accretion disk in active galactic nuclei through the analysis of the emission lines profiles
17 November 2009
Jelena Milogradov-Turin
How did we repay our debt to Milutin Milanković
3 November 2009
Predrag Jovanović
Introduction to observational cosmology and gravitational lenses
16 June 2009
Aşkin Ankay
Neutron star-supernova remnant connection and isolated neutron stars
9 June 2009
Milan Dimitrijević
JENAM 2009 - European week of astronomy and cosmic research
2 June 2009
Olivera Latković
Astroseismology and binary stars
26 May 2009
Vibor Jelić
First light in the Universe viewed through the LOFAR telescope
12-15 May 2009
Milan Maksimović
Introduction to the physics of Solar wind (series of lectures)
5 May 2009
Vesna Borka Jovanović
Determining the spectral indices of radio loops between 1420, 820 and 408 MHz
14 and 21 April 2009
Milan Božić
Dark energy - overview of the current astrophysical results with little cosmological speculations
31 March 2009
Aleksandra Ćiprijanović, Vladimir Zeković, Jelena Lazarević, Marko Pavlović, Radica Vujetić, Slobodan Opsenica, Stevo Šegan, Dušan Onić
Challenges of studying: Astronomy and astrophysics through astronomical observations data reduction and student projects
17 March 2009
Bojan Arbutina
Stellar mergers: close binary systems of W UMa and AM CVn-type
3 March 2009
Nataša Gavrilović
Stellar component in the spectra of active galaxies
9 December 2008
Bojan Novaković
Methods for age determination of asteroid families
18 November 2008
Ana Lalović
Lyman-alpha forest at low and medium redshift
4 November 2008
Rade Pavlović
Nekhoroshev theorem and asteroid belt as a dynamical system
21 October 2008
Zoran Knežević
Astronomical theory of climate changes, Milanković and after him
23 September 2008
Zarija Lukić
Structure formation in the Universe
27 May 2008
Dejan Urošević
Shock waves: HII regions + planetary nebuale
20 May 2008
Dejan Urošević
Shock waves: general considerations + supernova remnants
15 April 2008
Bojan Novaković
Computation of asteroid proper elements on the GRID
8 April 2008
Dušan Onić
Dependance of extinction on the position of supernovae Ib/c in their parent galaxies
25 March 2008
Dragana Ilić
Broad line region-radio jets connection in AGN
11 March 2008
Sonja Vidojević
Analysis of spatial velocities of stars from ARIHIP catalogue
26 February 2008
Sonja Vidojević, Kristina Racković, Andjelka Stanojković, Miljana Jovanović, Sanja Tomić, Neda Stojković, Sladjana Nikolić
Student summer practice 2007, Ondrejov, Prague
22 January 2008
Nataša Gavrilović
Emission lines asymmetry in active galaxies
25 December 2007
Jovan Aleksić
Variations of intensity of cosmic rays
11 December 2007
Jelena Milogradov-Turin
Euler's contribution to astronomy (on the occasion of 300 years of his birth)
13 Nov - 6 Dec 2007
Miroslav Filipović
Multifrequency astronomy (series of lectures)
30 October 2007
Milan Prokić and Branislav Vukotić
From the observations to the imaging of a source through radio interferometry
5 June 2007
Silvana Nikolić
CO in Magelanic Clouds
22 May 2007
Dragana Ilić
Physical characteristics of broad line regions of active galactic nuclei
8 May 2007
Vladimir Čadež
Properties of MHD waves in the presence of the gravitational field
17 April 2007
Milan M. Ćirković and Branislav Vukotić
Galactic Habitable Zone, forced correlations and catastrophism
3 April 2007
Jelena Milogradov-Turin
Does Djordje Stanojević deserve a street in Belgrade?
20 March 2007
Bojan Arbutina
Evolution of contact binary systems of W UMa-type
30 January 2007
Milan Dimitrijević (AOB)
Conference "Fifty years of astrophysics in Romania" - our expedition
26 December 2006
Slobodan Ninković, Nikola Božić and participants
The first serbian astronomical olympic gold medal
12 December 2006
Aleksandar Valjarević
The influence of the average stellar mass gradient on the surface brightness profile of a globular cluster
5 December 2006
Luka Popović (AOB)
Broad line region of active galactic nuclei: kinematics and physics
21 November 2006
Tijana Prodanović
Cosmic rays: The problem of litium-6 and diffuse gamma emission in our galaxy
14 November 2006
Srdjan Samurović (AOB)
Observations and modeling of elliptical galaxies. Dark matter problem in these objects
24 October 2006
Jelena Milogradov-Turin
Has Nikola Tesla detected cosmic radio emission before Karl Jansky?
20 June 2006
Milan M. Ćirković
Is the past really the key for the future - observations selection effects and global risks
6 June 2006
Milan Bogosavljević
The search for quasars at redshift z>4
30 May 2006
Milan Dimitrijević, Nada Pejović and Slobodan Ninković
Total Solar eclipse on 29 March 2006 - observed from southern Turkey
9 May 2006
Alessandro M. Forte
Perturbations in Earth's orbital parameters and Earth rotation due to thermal convection in Earth's mantle
25 April 2006
Andrej Prša
Eclipsing binary stars and their use for determination of distances in the Universe
11 April 2006
Edi Bon
Analysis of the influence of accretion disk on the emission lines profiles in active galaxies
28 March 2006
Bojan Arbutina
Supernovae, pulsars and rotation of their progenitors
14 March 2006
Branislav Vukotić
Magnetic field in supernova remnants from the nearby starburst galaxy M82
28 February 2006
Dejan Urošević
Thermal emission of supernova remnants in radio domain
27 December 2005
Editorial board and authors
The promotion of new issue of the Serbian Astronomical Journal (171)
13 December 2005
Brankica Šurlan
On the atmospheric models
22 November 2005
Jelena Milogradov-Turin and Tatjana Jakšić
Xth International Astronomical Olympiad
8 November 2005
Luka Popović
Central region of quasars: the physics of emission gas
25 October 2005
Slobodan Jankov
New knowledge about stellar physics based on high spectral, spatial and temporal resolution
17 May 2005
Ivana Damjanov
Global star formation in spiral galaxies
26 April 2005
Dragana Ilić
Properties of broad line region of active galaxies
12 April 2005
Branislav Vukotić
New supernova remnants candidates in nearby galaxies NGC 4214 and NGC 4395
29 March 2005
Ivan Bojičić
Reduction and analysis of ATCA radio-interferometric data and criteria for identification of supernova remnants
15 March 2005
Bojan Arbutina
Evolution of supernova remnants and supernova-supernova remnant connection
1 March 2005
Vesna Borka
Determination of brightness of radio loops at 1420 MHz
14 December 2004
Milan M. Ćirković
Eighty years since the discovery of galaxies
7 December 2004
Igor Stojanović and Petar Glišović
CCD astronomy and binary stars
23 November 2004
Nataša Stanić
Stellar eye of Valensia - planetaria of future
9 November 2004
Uroš Delić, Slobodan Opsenica, Jelena Milogradov-Turin, Vladimir Benišek
IXth International Astronomical Olympiad
26 October 2004
Nikola Vitas
Hyperfine structure of MnI lines in Solar spectrum
18 May 2004
Marija Vlajić
Neutral hydrogen in haloes around spiral galaxies
4 May 2004
Milan M. Ćirković
Carter argument, Fermi paradox and how to resolve them
20 April 2004
Igor Smolić
CCD - applications
6 April 2004
Igor Smolić
CCD - detector characteristics
23 March 2004
Dejan Urošević
Σ - D relation for supernova remnants in nearby galaxies
16 December 2003
Stevo Šegan
On calendars
2 December 2003
Edi Bon
Modeling of central regions of active galaxies
18 November 2003
Stevo Šegan
Labrouste transformations in spectral analysis
4 November 2003
Werner Dappen
Helioseismology and the equation of state
22 May 2003
Dragana Ilić
Basics of work under LINUX for astronomers
8 May 2003
Milan M. Ćirković
Astrobiological phase transition and SETI
10 April 2003
Zoran Knežević
Catalogues of proper elements of asteroids
27 March 2003
Slobodan Ninković
On one particular formula for potential in stellar dynamics
13 March 2003
Dejan Urošević
Arecibo observations of supernova remnant G428+06 (+ visit to VLA interferometer and participation in 200th meeting of AAS)
27 February 2003
Predrag Jovanović
Spectral analysis of data by using the method of WAVELET transformations
26 December 2002
Aleksandar Jovanović
Image and signal processing - results of the Group for intelligent systems at the Faculty of Mathematics
12 December 2002
Luka Č. Popović (AOB)
Influence of gravitational microlenses on the spectral lines shape in active galactic nuclei
28 November 2002
Milan M. Ćirković
Correlation functions in cosmology
7 November 2002
Jelena Milogradov-Turin, Milan M. Ćirković, Igor Smolić, Mihailo Čubrović and Marko Simonović
International astronomical olimpyads (IAO) with an emphasis on VIIth IAO
24 October 2002
Jovan Skuljan
Gravitational microlenses - exploration of the invisible
16 May 2002
Samir Salim
High resolution astrometry, microlenses and dark matter
25 April 2002
Zorica Cvetković
European longitude network and a proposition for Belgrade inclusion
11 April 2002
Dragan Trifunović
Life and activity of Djordje M. Stanojevic
29 March 2002
Slobodan Ninković
Galaktocentric orbits - potential of the Galaxy
14 March 2002
Srdjan Vukmirović
String theories, M-branes and quaternion geometry
28 February 2002
Ištvan Vince
The project "Spektrophotometry of the Sun"
17 January 2002
Dejan Urošević
The problems of statistical analysis of the evolution of supernova remnants
27 December 2001
Slobodan Jankov
Interferometric-Dopler imaging of stellar surfaces
20 December 2001
Dragan Trifunović
Memory of academician Vojislav V. Mišković
6 December 2001
Milan M. Ćirković
Sir Fred Hoyle and formation of chemical elements
15 November 2001
Maya Burić
Black holes and Hawking radiation
14 November 2001
Aleksandar Tomić
Occultation of Saturn
30 October 2001
Aleksandar Tomić
Total Solar eclipse in Palić
22 May 2001
Jelena Milogradov-Turin
Meteorites in Serbia
8 May 2001
Luka Popovic (AOB)
What can we learn from the spectra of active galactic nuclei?
17 April 2001
Zoran Knezevic (AOB)
The age of Veritas asteroid family
3 April 2001
Ilija Lukacevic
On the importance of some metrics in General relativity
20 March 2001
Ilija Lukacevic
Some aspects of General relativity
6 March 2001
Milan Cirkovic (AOB)
Quantum mechanics and cosmology
20 February 2001
Dejan Urosevic
The problem of theoretical Sigma-D relation
16 January 2001
Jelena Milogradov-Turin
Atanasije Stojkovic and his hill
19 December 2000
Ištvan Vince
The problem of manganese line in Solar spectrum
5 December 2000
Jelena Milogradov-Turin
The first papers in astrophysics among Serbs