Belgrade, October 13-17, 2020

Venue: Serbian Academy of Science and Art, Kneza Mihaila 35
Virtual Format

19th Serbian astronomical conference - BOOK OF ABSTRACTS

Conference Program

The program is available for download.

IMPORTANT INFORMATION 20% of each time slot can be allocated for speaker connection and discussion with audience

Tuesday, October 13

08:30 Connection of participants
09:00 Opening Session Conveners: Andjelka Kovačević and Jelena Kovačević-Dojcinović
5min, Assistant Minister, dr Aleksandar Jović, Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development
3-4 min,Academician Zoran Knezević, General Secretary of Serbian Academy of Science and Arts
3-4min prof. dr Zoran Rakić, Dean of Faculty of Mathematics
3-4 Vitor Cardoso, Chair of COST CA16104 Gravitational waves, black holes and fundamental physics


Chair: Vitor Cardoso - Special Session-The gravitational-wave Universe


09:15 J. M. Wang: Close binaries of supermassive black holes in active galactic nuclei
09:55 S. Komossa: Supermassive binary black holes
10:35 Morning break


Chair: Luka Č. Popović - Special Session-The gravitational-wave Universe


11:00 A. F. Zakharov: Tests of gravity theories with black hole observations
11:40 A. Askar: Dynamical formation of gravitational wave sources
12:10 M. Mićić: SMBH growth and gravitational wave radiation
12:40 M. Smole et al: Statistics of recoiling SMBHs from cosmological simulations
13:00 Lunch break


Chair: Olga Atanacković - Stellar physics and physics of the interstellar medium


14:00 L. Crivellari: Alternative strategies to solve the stellar atmosphere problem
14:40 J. Kubát: Mass loss rates and NLTE wind models of massive stars
15:10 J. Lazendić-Galloway: Cosmic ray production sites: supernova remnants interaction with molecular clouds
15:30 O. Latković, A. Čeki: Computer vision as a tool for studying close binary stars
15:50 Afternoon break


Chair: Vladimir Srećković - Astrophysical spectroscopy and instruments


16:15 Nikola Petrov: Sun and Solar activity opportunities for observations and development
16:45 O. Vince: News and future plans in the development of the Astronomical Station Vidojevica
17:15 A. Vudragović et al.: Testing performance of the Milanković telescope
17:35 S. Cikota: Determination of stellar radii by observing asteroid occultations

Wednesday, October 14


Chair: Olivera Latković - Stellar physics and physics of the interstellar medium


09:30 S. Ninković: On nearly circular orbits
09:50 M. I. Jurković: Type II and anomalous Cepheids
10:10 M. Stojanović: Examination of elements of galactocentric orbits of the thin disk stars from the Solar neighbourhood by varying potential of the Galaxy
10:30 S. Knezević, et al: Using Balmer lines to unveil the presence of cosmic rays in the supernova remnant SNR 0509-67.5
10:50 Morning Break


Chair: Andjelka Kovacević - Stellar physics and physics of the interstellar medium


11:15 V. Zeković, B. Arbutina: Quasi-parallel collisionless shocks: revealing the nature of cosmic particle accelerators
11:35 A. Čeki, O. Latković, S. Lazarević: Statistics of the largest sample of late-type contact binaries studied so far
11:55 I. Vince: Some gas-stream velocities in UU CAS close binary star
12:15 Lunch break


Chair: Martin Dominik - Session supported by NoR CEL: Interdisciplinary studies (astrobiology, astrochemistry, geophysics, atmospheric physics, and space astronomy) and simulations


13:15 S. Jheeta: Astrochemistry: synthesis of the basic ‘building blocks’ of life
13:45 B. Vukotić: Galactic habitability and stellar motion
14:15 A. Nina: Monitoring of lower ionosphere: possible earthquake precursors and application in Earth observations by satellite
14:45 S. Dujko et al.: Electron transport, streamer propagation and lightning in the atmosphere of Titan
15:05 D. Lukić: Comparison of two models of interstellar travel using laser-pushed lightsail
15:25 V. Srećković et al.: SEG activities in Europlanet
16:05 Afternoon break


Chair: Bojan Arbutina - Stellar physics and physics of the interstellar medium


16:25 R. Mennickent: Circumstellar matter and disks in beta Lyrae-type binaries: new case studies
16:55 S. Stanimirović: : New perspectives on the cool interstellar medium: from the Milky Way to nearby galaxies
17:25 T. Pannuti et al.: Spectroscopic and hydrodynamic analyses of the Northwestern Rim of the Galactic supernova remnant G156.2+5.7
17:55 D. Leahy : The distribution of explosion energies and ISM densities for supernova remnants in the Galaxy
18:25 M. Ćuk: Dynamics and origin of Martian satellites
18:55 M. Dimitrijević: The influence of Stark broadening on white dwarf spectra

Thursday, October 15


Chair: Jelena Kovačević Dojčinović - Extragalactic astronomy


09:00 D. Ilić, A. Kovačević, L. Č. Popović: Quasars research in time-domain era
09:30 N. Bon, P. Marziani, E. Bon: Searching for extremely accreting quasars
10:00 N. Rakić, D. Ilić, L. Č. Popović: Fully automated python tool for AGN spectra analysis – FANTASY
10:20 I. Jankov, D. Ilić, A. Kovačević: Manifold learning in the context of quasar spectral diversity
10:40 M. Manganaro et al.: The intermittent extreme behaviour of BL Lac 1ES~2344+514
11:00 M. Bilek: The MATLAS survey of faint outskirts of bright galaxies
11:20 Morning Break


Chair: Dragana Ilić - Extragalactic astronomy


11:50 D. Šijački: Supermassive black holes in all their guises
12:30 L. Č. Popović, V. L. Afanasiev, E. S. Shablovinskaya: Specto-polarization of active galactic nuclei: central super-massive black hole and dust sublimation region
13:00 M. Pović: Green valley galaxies and the role of AGN in galaxy evolution
13:30 S. Panda et al.: The CaFe project: correlation between Fe II and Ca II in active galaxies
13:50 M. L. Martínez-Aldama et al.: A ‘new’ radius-luminosity relation: using the near-infrared CaII triplet
14:10 Lunch break


Chair: Alexander F. Zakharov - Special Session-The gravitational-wave Universe


15:10 M. Burić: A model of quantum cosmology: fuzzy de Sitter space
15:40 V. Radovanović, D. Gočanin: Noncommutative SO(2,3) model of gravity
16:10 B. Dragović: Cosmology of nonlocal gravity
16:40 Ž. Mijajlović, D. Branković: Algebraic dependencies and representations of cosmological parameters
17:00 Afternoon break


Chair: Žarko Mijajlović - Special session: The gravitational-wave Universe


17:30 J. Nikolić: Partial quasi-morphisms and partial symplectic quasi-states in the ambient of cotangent bundles
18:00 I. Dimitrijević: The new model of nonlocal modified gravity
18:30 M. Vojinović: Cosmological constant problem in discretized quantum gravity

Friday, October 16


Chair: Ivana Milić Žitnik - Astrometry


09:00 G. Damljanović: Towards Gaia DR3 and some results of comparison between Gaia DR2 and ground-based data
09:30 A. Ivantsov: Adapting image centroiding to astrometric differential reduction
10:00 Z. Malkin: Comparison and combination of radio source position catalogs
10:30 M. D. Jovanović, G. Damljanović, F. Taris: Control stars around quasars suitable for the ICRF - GAIA CRF link
10:50 M. Stojanović et al.: Solar neighbourhood kinematics based on the GAIA data
11:10 Morning Break


Chair: Srdjan Samurović - Dynamical astronomy


11:30 Z. Knežević: Survey of the positions of secular resonances in the Asteroid Belt.
12:10 B. Novaković: Water content in compositionally primitive asteroid families: insights from the main belt comets
12:40 I. Milić-Žitnik: Functional relations between time, resonance strengths, Yarkovsky drift speeds and eccentricities in motions of resonant asteroids
13:00 N. Todorović: Short term chaos in the Solar System
13:30 K. Miljković: Structure of Mars: lessons learnt from the InSight mission and impact modelling
14:00 Lunch break


Chair: Miroslav Mićić - Cosmology


15:00 S. Samurović: The centenary of the Jeans equations: dark matter in massive early-type galaxies
15:30 M. Simonović: Cosmology from current and future spectroscopic galaxy surveys
16:00 V. Gluščević: Dark matter throughout cosmic history
16:30 Z. Lukić: Intergalactic medium as a probe of reionization, physics and cosmology
17:00 Afternoon break


Chair: Edi Bon - Cosmology


17:30 D. Kereš: Galaxy evolution with stellar feedback and cosmic rays
18:00 G. Zaharijas: TeV dark matter search program with the Cherenkov Telescope Array: the strategy and synergies with current gamma-ray experiments
18:20 M. Jovanović: Dynamical modeling of nearby galaxies
18:40 D. Kirilova, M. Panayotova: SFC baryogenesis model, inflationary scenarios and reheating in the Universe
19:00 A. Mitrašinović et al.: Various effects of galaxy flybys: dependence on impact parameter

Saturday, October 17


Chair: Goran Damljanović - History, philosophy and teaching of astronomy


09:00 M. S. Dimitrijević: Archaeoastronomy and the corresponding research in Serbia
09:20 B. Stojičić: Zašto je važno izučavanje astronomije u toku srednjoškolskog obrazovanja?
09:50 A. Bajić, M. S. Dimitrijević: Hermes possible astronomical aspects
10:10 S. Milošević et al.: Department of Astronomy at Petnica Science Center: 2018-2020
10:30 Ž. Mijajlović, N. Pejović: Saturn – a Serbian journal on astronomy from the past
10:50 Ž. Distrelo: Radio watching Draconids from 2005-2015
11:10 Morning Break


Chair: Milan Dimitrijević - History, philosophy and teaching of astronomy


11:30 M. Pović: Development of astronomy and space science in Africa
12:00 O. Atanacković, B. Arbutina: Astronomy education in Serbia 2017-2020
12:20 B. Arbutina, O.Atanacković, A. Kovačević: Department of astronomy at the Faculty of Mathematics University of Belgrade in the period 1999-2020
12:40 B. Arbutina: The first Yugoslav National Committee for astronomy
13:00 S. Vidojević et al.: Serbia in astronomical contests between 2017 - 2020
13:20 Z. Tomić et al.: Activities of the Astronomical Society Eureka in the period 2017-2020
14:00 Lunch break


Chairs: Dušan Marčeta and Dušan Onić - Poster Session - 5min presentation


15:00 Posters
P01. A. B. Nedeljković: Rogue planets as means of transport
P02. A. Ćiprijanović et al.: Deep merge: studying distant merging galaxies with deep neural networks
P03. A. Kolarski, D. Grubor: Monitoring VLF signal perturbations induced by Solar activity during January 2005
P04. B. Arbutina, M.M. Vučetić. P. Kostić: Observations of selected standard stars in narrow-band filters from the AS Vidojevica
P05. I. Milić Žitnik: The relationship between the ‘limiting’ Yarkovsky drift speed and asteroid families Yarkovsky V-shapes
P06. L. Slavcheva-Mihova, B. Mihov: Spectral energy distribution of Mrk 509
P07. N. Janc et al.: Correspondence between Milutin Milanković and Else Wegener Köppen
P08. V. Trajkovska: Fragmenti iz istorijata izgradnje Astronomske opservatorije na Velikom Vračaru
P09. V. A. Srecković, Lj. M. Ignjatović, M. S. Dimitrijević: Rydberg atomic complexes in astrophysical plasmas
P10. V. A. Srecković, D. M. Šulić: Research of the impact of strong Solar flares on the lower Ionosphere by VLF radio waves and satellite observations
P11. V. A. Srecković, Lj. M. Ignjatović, M. S. Dimitrijević: Destruction of diatomic molecular ions of astrophysical interest
P12. Z. Majlinger, M. S. Dimitrijević, V. A. Srećković: Stark broadening of Co II spectral lines for stellar spectra investigations
P13. Ž. Medić, D. V. Lukić: Additive manufacturing of Solar sail
P14. Z. Malkin: Comparison of ground-based and GAIA-based photometry for astrometric radio sources
P15. Z. Tomić: IASC project in Serbia
P16. V. Mijatović, Z. Cvetković, G. Đurašević: Kompleks astronomske opservatorije u Beogradu i Astronomska stanica Vidojevica.
16:15 Closing of the conference

Monday, October 19


General Assembly of Serbian Astronomical Society